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A Look into Addison’s Nursery

Welcome to Addy’s Nursury

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I dove head first into every nursery website and magazine for inspiration. I tend to decorate and wear more neutral tones and add color with accessories with less commitment, like pillows. I’ve never considered myself a “pink” girl until I found out I was having a baby girl. I had this vision of an accent wall with unique wallpaper. Somewhere along the way I ran across this giant floral black and white wallpaper and was obsessed. I had a vision and was not going to let it go. When sharing this idea with my hubby and mom they weren’t as sure about it as I was but I had my mind made up. We ordered the wallpaper and started looking at paint, oddly enough we decided on a baby pink and I’m so happy we did. It complimented the the black and white wallpaper so well. Good thing it was worth it, my hubs almost lost a toe falling off a ladder hanging it and my eight month pregnant self wasn’t very much help. Don’t worry he still has all his toes!

Picking Out Furniture

Next we went furniture shopping. It was fun but a little overwhelming. When buying furniture for a baby you’re thinking safety, longevity, durability and of course how it will look. We chose the Blythe collection from Pottery Barn. I just loved the tufted headboard. This bed will eventually convert to a toddler bed and then a full size! She will be able to use it for a long time. I will suggest getting every possible piece that you might want. I couldn’t decide if I wanted the hutch for the changing table and now they don’t carry it, BUMMER! However, the dresser provides a lot of drawer space so that was definitely a plus. I’ll share a post soon on how I organized the drawer and clothes. As we were shopping my husband, Fernando, set his eyes on a pink shaggy rug that was perfect for her room and oh so soft. It’s become our favorite area to play with her.

Storage Organization

Storage is tricky in a nursery. I wanted to display everything! It’s all so tiny and cute! Let’s talk about bows! I wanted every bow and I wanted to be able to access them easily and if you know me OCD doesn’t even begin to describe me! I remembered this weird window I had when I lived in a tiny condo before meeting my husband and I had this curtain situation over the back door that I thought would be great for bows….and it was! Ikea has these wire “rods” with clips for the curtains or bows in my case. They work perfect! We were able to add more storage in her closet with a shelf unit that is super versatile, cubes or baskets can be added or nothing at all just a place to sit all the things. I went with baskets so I could see everything for easy access. Add all the great decor and some black out curtains and Voilà! Now if I can only make my room as put together and relaxing!


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