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7 Beach Must Haves with a Baby


We hadn’t been on a real vacation since Addison was born and we were super excited to plan a road trip to Destin, Florida! Yes! We drove! It was our first long road trip with a baby and packing all the things we needed was tricky. I’m going to share what we took to the beach everyday that made our and Addison’s day fun and free to make memories!

First, a wagon is key! Not only can you use it to get things from your car to your room but also to the beach and the best thing is Addison loved it for nap time too! Once we were all set up at the beach we put a blanket in there and it worked perfectly for a sand free place to nap. Originally, we had a blow up pool for this which we’ve used in the past when we didn’t have the wagon. Either works beautifully, the upside to the wagon was there was no blow up and down when it was time to leave. One day Addison was asleep and we even wheeled her to the room in it!

With a baby obviously you will want an umbrella at the beach, the wind can get up at times so I suggest one that can be staked to the ground. It will make a great napping place and an escape from the sun. This one, we love because although it is big, it folds up nicely for storing but when set up is an igloo type shape for wind block and has vents to let some air flow so while your little napper is asleep they’re sure to be comfortable and shaded.

Protective eyewear for your baby is always a good idea. The bright sun and reflection from the water can be harmful. We love Babiator brand because they have great styles and also have polarized options that provide UV protection.

Addison was teething during our Florida trip she loves a fruit popsicle that along with soothing her gums it was refreshing fruit snack to help beat the heat!

Don’t forget a fan for baby to enjoy during her nap or just while playing in the sand. We love the USB chargeable options with several settings.

If you prefer a cheaper option for nap time, want to pack light or just need to use your wagon for storage another option that does double duty is a small blow up kiddie pool. Baby can play in it with toys and stays sand free and lay a cool sheet down and it works perfectly for nap time.

One thing that I purchased at Target on suggestion by an awesome blogger that I follow are these great totes! They fit perfectly behind your seats for easy access during travel. I put diapers, wipes, toys, pre made bottles and snacks. Anything you might need for the long drive. Once we were settled in our condo I used them for towels and beach toys for easy transport to the beach and the other for a dirty clothes bin in the room.

These are a few of my favorite things to make your beach trip a fun and stress free time! Don’t forget your sunscreen!

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